Drivers say new light system at Denny Cross is a must

Worried motorists are calling for a new traffic light system to be installed at Denny Cross before there is a 'serious accident'.

Temporary traffic lights in place, causing delays. Michael Gillen
Temporary traffic lights in place, causing delays. Michael Gillen

A number of close calls, confusion over filter lanes and a car crashing into the lights have led to drivers demanding the current set-up is replaced with a four-way system.

In December 2016 the traffic lights’ power supply was disrupted because of an accident, leading to temporary signals being put in place.

Lilias Gardiner took to Facebook to share her concerns and suggest a petition is launched in a bid to change the system. She wrote: “We need the lights at the Cross sorted once and for all before someone is seriously injured or worse. There will be a serious accident if nothing is done about them.”

Polly Bell added: “When we had the temporary traffic lights a while back, it was a four-way system and the traffic was less of a problem.”

However, Denny and Banknock Councillor Paul Garner has assured drivers the issue will be addressed.

He said: “We’ve witnessed the issues and have installed monitors to look at ways of resolving these. The bottom line is the junction is over-capacity and we have an issue with people running the lights — please don’t.”

A Falkirk Council spokesman said: “We are carrying out a full survey of the traffic flows at the junction and expect to install a new light controller.

“It should help to improve the balance between the traffic flow on the four arms of the junction, as well as allowing for the needs of pedestrians.”