Boy racers could force Kelpies car park closure

Thoughtless boy racers who have been cruising to the Helix and dumping their rubbish could force the car park to be closed to visitors at night.

Boy racers have been littering in the Helix car park
Boy racers have been littering in the Helix car park

For the last few weeks Falkirk Community Trust staff have had to spend their mornings picking up fast food bags and cartons, plastic bottles and the myriad of mess left behind by callous car enthusiasts who rev their engines in the car park at night.

Now the trust is considering closing the car park at night, despite the fact the Kelpies are a popular nocturnal attraction to locals and visitors to the area.

A Falkirk Community Trust spokesman said: “Unfortunately both the Helix and Kelpies car parks are being frequented in the evenings by boy racers and our team have to spend at least an hour picking up litter from both car parks in the morning.

“We have also had the police on site and this has resulted some of the drivers ending up with points on their licences for driving far too fast. This is a danger to the public as well as anti-social behaviour and it would be rotten if we ended up having to close the car parks in the evening – so many people love to visit the Kelpies at night.”

Closing the car park would be a last resort for the trust, so it is urging the motorists to have a little more consideration and stop dropping their rubbish and also asking members of the public visiting the Helix to report any anti-social behaviour to police by calling 101.