Bainsford salon puts Lewis Capaldi at your finger tips

He may be a busy man as one of the top musicians of the moment, but you could have Lewis Capaldi at your finger tips.

On your nails to be precise.

Nail technician Arlene Connelly has been showcasing a set of designs she did recently for a client at her Bainsford salon, Pretty Please.

And since posting the nail art featuring decals of the ‘Someone You Loved’ singer on social media, she’s had a great response from people.

Arlene Connelly's Lewis Capaldi design

She said: “A local nail art shop got them in stock and I thought it would be quite funny to use them.

“I had been offering a discount to allow me to try some new designs, and one of my clients was willing to let me put them on her nails.

“I posted pictures of them online and they’ve been quite popular on Facebook with people commenting and sharing them.”

So does Arlene see herself being inundated with people requesting the chart topper’s face on their nails?

Arlene Connell's nail art

“I’m not sure people would get them all the time, but maybe if they were going to a concert or if they were a fan,” she said.

“It’s definitely a special request.

“It’s one of the more unusual things I’ve done.

“I’ve done quite a lot of wacky designs, but this was something different.

“They are certainly a conversation starter.”