Warning over safety of newborn photoshoots

Photographer's warning over unsafe baby photoshoots.Photographer's warning over unsafe baby photoshoots.
Photographer's warning over unsafe baby photoshoots.
Parents are being warned about photoshoots involving newborns which are not following safe procedures.

Hayley Fraser, an Ellon-based specialist newborn photographer, has heard of two new mothers who were horrified after a photo session.

The mums claimed one baby rolled off the posing stand and another baby’s delicate head was allowed to drop in an attempt to create a head-in-hands pose.

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Hayley has urged parents to wary of photoshoots which do not follow appropriate techniques and safety procedures.

She has been professionally trained and worked in the safe art of newborn photography for more than four years.

Hayley explained: “Properly conducted sessions usually last up to four hours, in a temperature-controlled room.

“An assistant or a parent should be used as a “spotter” to monitor the baby when positioned in a prop or support the baby at all times in the head-in-hands pose.

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“I do not practice the head-in-hands pose as my style is more focused on natural posing, but it can be done safely by a professional, only if this technique is used.”

She added: “Sadly, there are photographers who are not using the right techniques due to a lack of awareness on how these beautiful images are created.

“Babies are being put at risk and I’m very keen to raise awareness about the issue. We may not be able to regulate what other photographers are doing but we can drastically reduce the problem by making parents more aware and putting them in control.”

Hayley is a member of the Baby and Newborn Photographers Association (BANPAS).

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Helen McGlynn, co-owner of the organisation, said recent reports illustrate not only the bad practises of some photographers, but a major lack of awareness among parents about how the photographs are created when done properly.

Parents are being advised to visit the BANPAS website to search for photographers if they are looking for this particular style of newborn photography.

BANPAS illustrates how it should be done Composite poses

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