The four-piece Indie band from Linlithgow are growing in stature

Very few can claim to have shared the same stage alongside some of the best talent in the British music industry.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 28th July 2017, 12:49 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 1:08 pm
From left to right: Eve Dalgety, Mary Nicol. Andrew Campbell and Gregor McAdam
From left to right: Eve Dalgety, Mary Nicol. Andrew Campbell and Gregor McAdam

Yet that is exactly what a four-piece Indie band from Linlithgow will get the opportunity to do soon.

Most music fans will have heard of Kaiser Chiefs, Amy Macdonald, Razorlight and Ash but are less likely to be familiar with the group made up of Mary Nicol (18), Andrew Campbell (18), Eve Dalgety (18) and Gregor McAdam (18).

However, Altinak, as they are known, will hope to shine as bright as the star they are named after when they play at one of Scotland’s biggest musicals in their home town on the weekend of August 12.

This week the teenagers gave their thoughts on Party at the Palace, as they looked out over the site where they will play for the second year running in a few weeks’ time.

Drummer Gregor said: “We’re so excited to be playing here again. I look across at the field and the memories of last year come flooding back. It was so busy there we loved it. It was one of the best gigs we’ve played.

“It means a lot playing in your home town especially playing with names like the Kaiser Chiefs it makes it that more crazy.”

Andrew, lead guitarist, added: “When we started out at Linlithgow Young People’s Project (LYPP). We thought we’d be playing tiny gigs, now we’re playing Party at the Palace again and have got BBC Introducing coming up so it is exciting.”

So what about the band’s name?

“It’s a deliberate spelling mistake,” Gregor said. “The hardest part is coming up with a name.

“Mary had this idea, there is a star in Orion’s Belt called Alnitak but we thought why not flip the letters round so that’s what we did.”

The band are growing in stature and have had airtime on local radio stations .

Their first single Kick Off was released in March this year.They practice hard in Eve’s mum and dad’s garage but nothing beats playing in front of a crowd at a festival.

Andrew said: “It is fun. Before going on stage you get nerves but then when you are there you enjoy it in the moment.

Mary, lead vocalist, added: “As soon as you come off the stage you just want a repeat.”

While bass guitarist Eve joked: “We practice in my garage so my parents are a bit sick of us! But our friends and family are very supportive.

“They come to every gig traipsing through to Glasgow to come and see us.

“One of our friends printed off made up henna tattoos with the band’s name on it and stuck them to their foreheads – the thought was nice!”

Mary added: “We’re looking forward to getting our name out there again.

“Even though it’s a small town a lot of people still haven’t heard of us but loads of people were coming to see us from the main stage so we’re hoping for that again.”

Altinak play on the Break Out stage at 2pm on Saturday, August 12.