Jane Austen fiver worth £50k discovered in Scots Christmas card

Two of the notes have already been found. Pic: SWNSTwo of the notes have already been found. Pic: SWNS
Two of the notes have already been found. Pic: SWNS
A rare plastic £5 note which features a micro-engraved portrait of Jane Austen has been discovered inside a Christmas card in Scotland.

It’s the second one to be found, after the first was discovered in south Wales last month.

The note, which could be worth up to £50,000, was discovered on Thursday.

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And it now means that there will be a desperate search for the final remaining notes in circulation around the UK.

The images on the notes were created by specialist micro-engraver Graham Short, who travelled to different locations in the UK to spend them.

Each image of the ‘Pride and Prejudice’ author is surrounded by a unique quote from some of Austen’s most celebrated novels. A

nyone who finds one of the notes should contact the Tony Huggins-Haig Gallery in Kelso, Roxburghshire, which launched the project.

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Tony said the person who found the note in Scotland wished to remain anonymous.

He told the BBC: “When somebody opened their Christmas card from a loved one, it was contained in that Christmas card.

“The person who put it in didn’t necessarily know what they were doing.

“That’s two down and there’s still two out there. Keep checking your change.”

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