Long lockdown intermmission is over as Falkirk Cineworld re-opens

Film fans will finally be able to enjoy some much needed big screen escapism when Falkirk Cineworld opens its doors again this month.

The popular multiplex, located in the town’s central retail park, will be screening films again from Wednesday, August 26.

A Cineworld spokeperson said: “Our main priority remains the safety of our customers and employees. We of course follow all instructions and regulations of the local authorities and current government guidelines and regulations.”

To adhere to these guidelines and regulations, Cineworld is taking a number of measures, including ensuring cinema goers wear masks and face coverings – although they can be removed when people are eating.

Film fans of all ages will be able to return to Cineworld this month

Social distancing measures have been implemented across all areas within the cinema and all employee and customer toilets have been stocked with anti-bacterial hand soap to allow stringent hand washing guidelines to be followed by staff and visitors.

The Cineworld booking system has been updated to allow people to sit next to friends and family in cinema screens while ensuring a safe distance between customers from separate groups.

This will vary depending on the capacity and layout of each screen.

Film start and end times will also be staggered to reduce customers crossing paths with other customers going in or out of other screens and build-up of crowds in the foyer.

Additional cleaning time has been added between films, while adverts and trailers will be shorter than usual.

Visit www.cineworld.co.uk for more information.