Do a little dance, make a little luck: Successful lottery rituals in Scotland revealed

An analysis of good luck rituals and superstitions has revealed that nearly three in 10 (28%) Scots are more likely to pick-up a penny in order to take home a lottery win, followed by a quarter (25%) admitting to touching wood and 15% using a wishbone.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 10th September 2017, 10:08 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:36 am

However, the survey conducted by online lottery platform showed that across the nation, those who performed a special good luck dance claimed the highest average prize (£25,000), compared to £370 for those who pick-up a penny.

Despite the chance to win all of this money, Scots are split on whether they believe their rituals help.

Some 48% of Scots believe their rituals brought good luck, whereas 52% were less sure. However, this does rank Scotland as the third most superstitious region in the UK.

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This makes them less skeptical than the national average (58%) but far more than Londoners; three-fifths (60%) of those in the capital believe good luck rituals work.

The most superstitious region:

1 London

2 Northern Ireland

3 Scotland

4 South East

5 South West

6 North West

7 Wales

8 Yorkshire

9= North East

9= East Anglia

10 Midlands

Across Britain, for those who are superstitious, doing a special dance before entering the lottery has resulted in prizes of over £25,000 on average, with 7% of dancing queens claiming a whopping £100k+ windfall.

This is compared to a paltry average of £41.75 for those who cross themselves for good luck.

The survey also found that a huge 61% of Brits interviewed admit to putting stock in rituals and superstitions, with 42% stating they have experienced good luck from doing so. Better still, 34% claimed to have won money following this practice.

The most effective rituals and superstitions for lottery wins:

1 Doing a special dance = average win of £25,501

2 Tapping/clapping/clicking body part(s) a certain number of times/sequence = average win of £17,705

3 Saying “white rabbit” before getting out of bed on 1st of month = average win of £948

4 Having a model elephant (e.g. Ganesh) = average win of £737

5 Throwing salt over your shoulder = average win of £648

6 Hanging up a horseshoe = average win of £617

7 Rubbing a lucky item = average win of £617

8 Having a black cat cross your path = average win of £552

9 Making a wish on a wishbone = average win of £546

10 Using a lucky number = average win of £518

Outside of our national lotteries, Brits are increasingly looking abroad and placing their bets on the biggest and most popular games globally – including US Powerball and Irish Lotto.

To enter the mindset of the now global competition, has unearthed some of the weird and wonderful rituals and superstitions beyond our British Isles.

France: Oh merde! The French believe stepping in poo is good luck - but ONLY with your left foot. If you use your right, expect bad luck.

China: As far as good luck goes, it doesn’t get better than the colour red in China. Decorate your home, wear it and always give money in a red envelope.

Spain: Want luck for the whole year? Spanish people eat 12 grapes when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve - one for each month of luck.

India: The elephant is seen as a good luck charm in a lot of Asia especially India. Hindu mythology has a deity known as ‘Ganesha’ - half man half elephant and the bringer of good luck, something Brits have already embraced featuring fourth in our list.

Australia: Stop bugging me! Across the pond, if a ladybug lands on your hand, make three wishes then blow it off - wishes are then said to come true.