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Hooks 'n' Crooks are back and better than ever
Hooks 'n' Crooks are back and better than ever
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DENNY band Hooks ’n’ Crooks have come back stronger than ever from the further education wilderness.

Many young bands never survive the dreaded call up to college, as members find themselves cast off to the four corners of the country, meeting new friends and forming new personal and musical alliances as they discover the grass is greener on the other side of the amps.

Luckily for fans of catchy rock ‘n’ roll tunes, Hooks ‘n’ Crooks never even considered jacking it in and have just released a great new EP ‘Rags to Riches’.

Gretsch-toting frontman Gerard McGlade revealed there was never any doubt he and band mates Gregg Hadlow (bass/vocals) and Paul Wilson (drums/vocals) would be making music again.

He said: “The band has gone through a lot of changes. I finished my art school stuff and did a bit of teaching, Gregg went to college to study sound engineering and Paul got himself a fiancee, so we will have a Hooks ‘n’ Crooks wedding next year.

“At least he doesn’t need to look for a band for the wedding.”

The band also tried to expand the line-up with a second guitarist, but it just did not work.

Gerard said: “We’ve been at this for so long I don’t think anyone else would be able to come into that mix. We are literally like a family - Paul’s my cousin and Gregg has been my best friend since I was five years old.”

Formed back in 2006, Hooks ‘n’ Crooks were one of the most promising bands to emerge from the indie music heartland that is Denny.

“Everyone in Denny is in a band it seems,” said Gerard. “It’s just one of those places. There are just so many good bands from this area, I just wish they could get the break they deserve.

“Just a few years ago we were three guys just playing music – now I would say we are musicians. You find that a lot of bands who make it early on will implode. I think we needed that time to do other things - Paul’s come back like the reincarnation of Mitch Mitchell from the Jimi Hendrix Experience.”

‘Rags to Riches’ features Terry Gilliam inspired cover art from Gerard’s arty pal Lynne Mouat and top class original ditties ‘Secondhand Sally’, ‘Sneaky Sneaky’, ‘Anything and Everything’, ‘Automatic Lover’ and ‘I’ve Been Away For So Long’.

He said: “We’ve had a really good response to the EP – even from people in places where we have yet to play. We want our songs to be the soundtrack for the summer.”

Hooks ‘n’ Crooks’ new musical chapter continues at Glasgow’s world famous King Tuts on Tuesday, May 1, Whistlebinkies in Stirling on Saturday, May 5, and Box in Glasgow on Saturday, May 26.

Visit for more information or to see the lads in action.