Waltz wizard Andre Rieu at Falkirk Cineworld

Andre Rieu's concert will be shown live at Cineworld tonight
Andre Rieu's concert will be shown live at Cineworld tonight
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He’s dedicated his life to bringing classical music – and the waltz – to the masses with his colourful orchestra breaking the shackles off the genre’s stuffy straitjacket.

Andre Rieu returns to Falkirk Cineworld on Saturday night for a special performance of his 11th hometown concert, broadcast live from Maastricht to screens across the country.

His tenth anniversary show in 2014 had cinema goers standing up and applauding – albeit to an unresponsive large screen – and the musical magic of this year’s event will no doubt make people once again forget they are at the pictures.

The Dutch maestro’s concerts are always emotional so prepare for your heart to be stirred and your tear ducts to be milked dry.

Female members of Rieu’s fun loving Johann Strauss Orchestra are famous for dressing like extras from ‘Gone with the Wind’ and complement the sublime sonic experience they provide with a visual treat akin to opening a box of Cadbury’s Roses.

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The concert starts at 7pm so don’t be waltzing in late.