Falkirk film makers gain national recognition

Enzo (back) and Ryan show off the Bainsford student's characters.
Enzo (back) and Ryan show off the Bainsford student's characters.

Falkirk film makers are making their mark this month, with one movie premiering at Cineworld, and another being shown on national TV.

Ryan Boardman (20), from Bainsford, was a finalist in the E4 ‘E-stings’ competition - which means his 10-second animated clip will be shown on the channel.

Meanwhile, Simon Gillespie’s film, Setting Rainbow premiered at Falkirk Cineworld last week, featuring a musical soundtrack by electronic dance icon Moby.

Ryan was one of 24 finalists from 1000 entries and was invited to London last month for the glitzy award ceremony.

His animation, entitled EEEFam, depicts a family and their dog sitting in their living room watching tv, and is voiced by the creator himself. Although he didn’t win the competition, it will still be shown as part of the channel on-air branding.

Ryan, a second year student on the HND Visual Communication course at Forth Valley College, said: “My film is a weird little thing.

“It basically shows a guy trying to watch tv while the rest of his family is being loud and crazy and are only silenced when the E4 logo is stamped on top of them.

“I am absolutely stunned to have done this well, as it is one of the first things I have created using Adobe Flash software.

“I an definitely happy and proud of myself as I felt I put a lot of effort into it and to get it shown on TV - well that is something I can’t really describe.

“Animation is definitely something I want to do more of now.”

Creative industries lecturer Enzo Facchini said: “Ryan has done extremely well, especially as it is one of the first animations he has created using this programme.

“I set the whole class the challenge of entering the competition, and Ryan certainly did rise to it.

“I am happy to say that as well as getting his work shown on TV, he also did achieve a pass for the project.”

Simon’s feature film is a dark thriller set in a village in Central Scotland and has been described as ‘Psycho meets Rainman’. The 39-year-old wrote and directed the film, with the musical score being done by Forth Valley college graduate, Barry Frame (29).

Amazingly the pair were granted permission to use eight tracks by Moby thanks to the artist’s ‘Moby Gratis’ initiative.

Simon, whose production company is named Haggis Western, said: “Finding good music for low cost or free for your films can be a daunting task, but this new scheme from Moby has given up and coming film makers the chance to use tracks from his excellent back catalogue.

“We are very excited to be able to use the tracks in the film as they suit the mood of the story, and give the film another dimension.”

The film, in which both Simon and Barry also star, started off as a short film which was shown at the Loch Ness Film festival.

Simon added: “It got so much great feedback that I decided to turn it into a feature film.

“Now after two years of hard work, we have a feature film.

“Bringing Barry on board from the Audio Clinic for the sound has been a genius move, with his vast knowledge of sound production and music, he has taken the film to new heights.

“I hope that the film gets shown outside Falkirk as I think it deserves it. Everyone involved has given 110 per cent commitment and hard work.”

Barry, who won the prize for outstanding achievement in sound production at the college’s graduation ceremony, added: “I’m very excited about the premier of Setting Rainbow and can’t thank Simon enough for letting me be part of it.”

The showing of Setting Rainbow at Cineworld tonight is sold out. For more information, search Haggis Western Films on Facebook.