Time for everyone in Falklirk to shape up and pull together

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A “call to action” was made for everyone to become involved in shaping the district’s culture and sports strategy.

Unveiling its 10-year plan, Ian Scott, the chairman of Falkirk Community Trust, said it was not only up to officials or Falkirk Council to make the policy work, but everyone living in the area had a part to play.

Although it was accepted that this area already has a strong sporting and cultural presence, the aim of the new document is to deliver the ambition of making the area “the place to be in the 21st century”.

However, Mr Scott said it needed every community to come on board to make the strategy work.

He said: “We can’t just leave this with one single organisation. Throughout the plan it is about a range of interested bodies working together more collaboratively towards a common goal.”

Launching the new document at an event in Grangemouth Stadium, the chairman added: “In 10 years time people will be happier, healthier and a lot more fulfilled and then all the partners can feel we have delivered what we said. It is achievable but there is a tough road ahead.”

Maureen Campbell, chief executive of the trust, which was set up in 2011 to deliver culture, library, recreation and sport services on behalf of Falkirk Council, said the strategy had two main aims: to increase and broaden participation in culture and sport, and to help secure recognition for the Falkirk area as a vibrant place.

She said: “This document is the result of 18 months work and we consulted widely to know more about how we could best deliver the plan.”

The strategy sets out that its vision for the Falkirk area is “a place with vibrant culture and sporting opportunities where people can achieve fulfilled and active lifestyles.

It is divided into four themes: participation, motivation, venues and partnership.

It aims to provide programmes so people can participate from the ‘grassroots’.

Inspiring a new generation is another goal.

Planning and prioritising investment in venues to make best use of limited available finances is a priority, while engaging with partners at all levels, including regional and national agencies, to take plans forward is also part of the blueprint.




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