Gary Holt demands improvements from his Falkirk players ahead of Dundee visit

Bairns boss Gary Holt was unimpressed with his team's performance at Cowdenbeath
Bairns boss Gary Holt was unimpressed with his team's performance at Cowdenbeath
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Falkirk head coach Gary Holt threw down the gauntlet to his players - and says they have responded well to last week’s disappointment at Cowdenbeath.

After watching his side concede an 88th minute goal, the Bairns boss blasted: “They’ve not helped themselves convince me they want to play.”

But speaking to The Falkirk Herald this week he seemed to have mellowed - slightly - after assessing video of the defeat but admitted: “I’m still angry”.

He added: “The players aren’t happy either. They’re hurting and that’s the reaction we want. Hopefully they take it into the next game because you don’t want to feel like that over the weekend.

“That wasn’t us on Saturday - we got caught playing direct football which we try not to do – our style is getting it down and playing and we’ll do that now no matter what. We’ll play the game our way.

“I’m pleased with the commitment and effort and how we went about it. The players were trying to win the game.

“But we gave the point away cheaply. We’ve told them ‘you start the game with a point - keep it and try to make it three, don’t give it away’ - but that’s what we did.

“The disappointing thing is we tried to win and didn’t entertain, had we entertained and still lost 1-0, would we have been ok? I don’t think we would have been.”

“We’re disappointed but they’re not a bad team, they don’t become bad players overnight – we were positive about how we went about our job but we didn’t play as well as we wanted to.”

David McCracken (right) watched Saturday’s game and played on Tuesday. His involvement against Dundee depends on his reaction to the under-20s match and another bounce game tomorrow. Johnny Flynn is also suffering a tight calf.