Bairns remain tight-lipped about Rangers vote

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Falkirk FC today gave fans a response to the decision to place Rangers ‘newco’ in the SFL Third Division - but would still not reveal how it voted on the matter.

The Bairns board, which met last night, made the following statement:

“The Board believe that the decision to require the newco to start in Division Three is absolutely the right outcome as far as Rangers is concerned. There should be no special treatment for any club.

“The Board also consider that it was wrong of the SFA and the SPL to put pressure on SFL clubs to solve what was primarily an SPL problem. Looking to the future, the Board fervently hopes that the willingness shown by members of the SPL, the SFL and the SFA to move quickly towards league reconstruction will result in real change of the better in Scottish football.

“We were very encouraged by the commitment shown by all of these bodies to move towards a 14 or 16 club top tier, combined with play-offs, a fairer financial distribution and a single league body.

“The proposed working party of SPL and SFL clubs to come up with proposals for ‘an enlarged top tier for Scottish Senior Professional Football” should be constituted as soon as possible.

“We expressed the opinion that this was a golden opportunity for constructive change to our game in Scotland. If, in three year’s time, the new Rangers is back in the SPL without the changes proposed then we will all look back on this episode with regret.

“The club will not be making any statement on how it voted in the secret ballot at the SFL. As with most clubs, we will honour the confidentiality of the vote.”