Farid’s coin is lucky, but so is Murdo’s music

09/10/11. John Devlin. Annan (0) V Falkirk (3)  semi final.
09/10/11. John Devlin. Annan (0) V Falkirk (3) semi final.
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FARID El Alagui’s famous pound coin might not be the only lucky omen that’s helping Falkirk this season.

Stewart Murdoch is often calling the tune on the park, and he’s doing the same as the Bairns’ music maestro - when his tunes have played before games, the team has been on song.

But the winning run that’s co-incided with the midfielder’s turn as dressing room DJ is causing him a headache - because the Bairns keep winning!

“The rule is if your iPod is unbeaten it stays on,” the midfielder told Heraldsport.

“If we win or draw I get to keep my iPod in.

“That’s the lucky omen in the dressing room - as well as Farid’s coin of course.

“But we’re going so well this season, only losing two games that I’m running out of songs to make up playlists for the boys before games.

“My iPod is unbeaten so it keeps getting used and if that’s the case all season, I’ll be happy to keep choosing the music.

“No-one has complained yet about my song choice either - I think I have got good taste.”

The music man has provided a midfield ‘bass’ when he’s featured alongside Mark Millar in the midfield, but suspension has ruled him out of key games.

Murdoch admits that as well as the superstitious coin and music, the competition for places in the squad is driving the team on to further success.

And he has to keep on top of him game to maintain his first-team place.

“The young boys are desperate to play and push someone out the team - its just adrenaline and desire to do well,” added Murdoch.

“I didn’t do too well against Morton but I think I was a lot better at Hamilton and got myself back in the team.

“There’s a great competition for places and it’s all working well, we’re getting lots of good results.

“Scouts are coming to games to watch the young guys and that benefits the team and shows how well we’re all doing.”