Fans urged to sign for Bairns

Board member Alastair Brookes introduced the meeting of the Falkirk Supporters Society at the Park Hotel.
Board member Alastair Brookes introduced the meeting of the Falkirk Supporters Society at the Park Hotel.
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Falkirk fans are being urged to sign up to a new share scheme that could safeguard the future of the club.

The re-launched Falkirk Supporters Society – formerly known as the Bairnstrust – is looking for a minimum of 200 fans to donate £10 a month via a ‘sharesave’ scheme.

This money will be used to buy up shares in Falkirk Football Club, who have in turn pledged to spend all the money raised on the Falkirk Football Academy.

Speaking at a meeting held at the Park Hotel in Falkirk, board member Gordon Profit said that the previous Bairnstrust “had made mistakes” in the past but that the reconstituted FSS was now determined to work towards goals that were all “achievable”.

He pointed to the example of St Mirren, where more than 1000 fans have already invested in a similar share scheme.

Mr Profit said that the FSS would aim to be a “critical friend” of the club and would hold it to account over its actions.

Around 200 people attended the meeting last Thursday, including the full Falkirk first ream coaching staff and several board members.

General manager David White addressed the audience before Mr Profit and gave a candid breakdown of how the club has drastically reduced its costs in the past year, and how it is now actively seeking ways of increasing revenue.

One ambition is to develop the vacant land around The Falkirk Stadium into a “sports village”.

Mr White said: “At one time there was 80 acres there for development. The economic climate has put a break on that, but the potential is still there. We’re keen that’s its developed as a sports village - that’s our vision for the future.

“It should not be just seen as football environment. There should be things like David Lloyd tennis centres, Bannatynes gyms, whatever else you want to add to the mix.

“You can see it in practice at Stirling. Although they are a small club, right next to their stadium they have a fantastic sports village. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t have that at The Falkirk Stadium.

“The other area we want to expand into is events. The Elton John concert was a terrific success and Marshall Arts, the promoters we dealt with, are keen to do something with us on an annual basis.”

For more information on the Falkirk Supporters Society, visit www.falkirksupporters