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Films with a ‘reel’ local connection

For Falkirk’s Sake what a hit! The festival of film took place in the Alehouse at Behind the Wall last Thursday night.

Scam Awareness Month is make people realise how they can become victims and what to do to prevent it.

Don’t be caught out by scammers

Cold calls, high-pressure sales tactics and automated voicemails asking for details are just some of the tricks scammers are using to rob people of their hard-earned cash.

According to Alistair Campbell OBE, pictured outside Falkirk Business Hub, supporting small businesses is key

Regeneration: We have to get it right

When Bellair bought the buildings that are now home to Falkirk Business Hub more than four years ago, my vision for creating a business hub in the heart of the town was not taken at all seriously and, in some quarters, almost ridiculed.

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David Rogerson and his wife Ruth are both undertaking marathons to raise funds for a Christian Aid project

Christian couple’s marathon effort

My wife and I hope our very different marathon efforts will raise thousands of pounds to help India’s poorest people become successful entrepreneurs.

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Little Rory Procek has a syndrome that is so rare it doesnt even have a proper name

Living with a rare condition is tough

The mother of a special little boy from Falkirk with a very rare genetic disorder is calling for greater public understanding and awareness of the daily struggles such children and their families face.

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Helping hand ... self management is all about supporting people so they can better take care of their own health.

Helping others to help themselves

At this year’s NHS Annual Conference, the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland – The Alliance – announced it will be celebrating this year’s Self Management Week.

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Volunteering is a way of boosting self-confidence and making new friends

Voluntary groups deserve cash boost

To run alongside Volunteers’ Week 2016, the Scottish Government has put forward a significant investment to help people from disadvantaged backgrounds receive training to become volunteers.

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Cancer Support Scotland needs funding so it can continue to provide free therapy services to cancer patients.

Cancer charity’s appeal for help

Cancer Support Scotland is one of the country’s leading one-to-one counselling charities.

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On-ward and on song, volunteers Sean Walsh, Margaret Gillespie and Morag Walsh brighten up lives

Helping bring a smile to patients

My wife Morag and I started volunteering one day a week with the on-ward service at Falkirk Community Hospital last November.

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Angela Rippon celebrates her mum Ednas 84th birthday back in 2004  Edna sadly died of dementia in 2009

Dementia and law: Know your rights

Angela Rippon recently revealed she has edited her will amid fears she might suffer from dementia later in life.

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A protest in Ashton Lane, Glasgow, by the Better than Zero campaign

Saying no to zero hours contracts

Imagine it is you. You’re out having a drink with a few friends when your mobile rings. You cringe. You know what’s coming. You look at the number on the screen. Yep, the boss!

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The mystery of moths will be unlocked at a number of free workshop sessions organised by IFLI

Help to make the ‘moth’ of nature

People have the chance to become citizen scientists thanks to our Mothing Around the Forth scheme.

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Friends of the Earth Falkirks Bean Row Garden has been a real environmentally friendly success story

Laying down roots in the town centre

Friends of the Earth Falkirk held its annual Big Dig event at their Bean Row Community Garden earlier this month.

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NSPCC is highlighting the issue of children accessing inappropriate content on social media

Chidren are seeing adult content on the net

Fifty per cent of school children surveyed by the NSPCC admit they’ve seen sexual, violent and other adult material on social media sites, apps and games.

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CVS Falkirk is involved in many aspects of district life, including delivering health services

Strengthening all our communities

CVS Falkirk is the third sector interface for the Falkirk Council area and our role is to offer information, support and guidance to the local third sector, and in doing so, strengthen communities across the area.

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Electric dreams

WITH every new electric car that’s launched, you could be forgiven for thinking that we’re getting closer to an environmentalist’s dream of carbon-free motoring.

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The Volvo XC90 R-Design is big and bold, but surprisingly easy to drive.

Attractor, not a tractor

THE Volvo XC90 is a contrast of a car – a large, muscular beast which is also, somehow, as quiet as a mouse. It is spacious and comfortable, but also stylish enough to attract plenty of admiring glances. This was easily the biggest vehicle I had ever driven – apart from a van I once hired to help my brother move house – and the size takes some getting used to for the uninitiated.

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