Union looking for workers on blacklist

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Unite support the campaign
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A union wants blacklisted workers to come forward so it can attempt to help them win compensation.

It comes after a number of companies involved in the blacklisting scandal, which affected at least 35 construction workers in the Falkirk area and thousands more throughout the UK, had finally owned up to what the union branded an “abuse of civil rights”.

Now the firms, including Balfour Beatty, Carillion, Kier, Laing o’Rourke and Skanska UK, have apologised for their part in the blacklist, and the GMB wants to identify the 3214 workers who may be eligible for compensation.

Justin Bowden, GMB national officer, said: “This is an important step in these firms admitting they engaged in a terrible abuse of the civil rights of thousands of UK workers.

“The next step is for the firms to clean up and pay up. After years of lies and denials some of the blacklisters have finally owned up and admitted they did blacklist and did abuse people’s basic civil rights.

“For those who have owned up, the next stage will be to clean up. This must include a new and agreed code of practice for the construction industry covering how they employ people, alongside their plans to ensure the industry is cleansed of those so-called professionals who ran the blacklist.

“The final part is pay up so the victims and their families will either be fairly compensated, including the offer of jobs, or the GMB will ensure justice for its members through the High Court.”

Call the GMB on 07840
897997 or e-mail blacklisted@gmb.org.uk for information.