Torwood residents vow to fight to protect woodland

Torwood restaurants are unhappy at tree felling near their homes''Picture: Michael Gillen
Torwood restaurants are unhappy at tree felling near their homes''Picture: Michael Gillen
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Residents are determined to do all they can to protect woodland close to their rural homes.

People living in Torwood are unhappy about tree-cutting and developments in the area.

But Falkirk Council maintains that ongoing work has not breached any planning guidelines.

Locals claim the woodland which borders their homes in Glen Road is “under attack from all directions”.

Torwood Community Woodland Group was set up over 10 years ago over plans for a development nearby involving tree felling.

Over the years members have constantly raised concerns about plans for the area.

In April 2009 a petition with 450 signatures was handed to the local authority appealing for the woodland to be protected and any further development halted.

However, they are concerned the latest tree felling which began at the end of June could be clearing the way for more housebuilding.

In a letter airing their concerns, Joanna Stevenson, chairwoman of the woodland group, wrote: “Local residents are weary of having to constantly battle to protect the trees from individuals who would think nothing of concreting over the greenspace that has been around the village for hundreds of years.”

But the local authority maintain no-one is acting illegally.

A spokesperson for Falkirk Council said: “There has been no breach of planning control in relation to the removal of unprotected trees in the Torwood area.

“All planning applications received are considered on an individual basis in line with local and national guidelines.

“However, there are no planning restrictions on landowners or householders removing unprotected trees on their land or within their gardens.”