Why Euro 2012 suddenly became interesting for me

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Football, need I say more?

Every time you turn on the television, Euro 2012 is all that’s on or it’s all that people are talking about. I’m missing all my soaps because of it, it’s just not fair.

And Adrian Chiles, what a bore!

Honestly, I can’t for the life of me figure out what all the fuss is about. Grown men – some quite handsome mind you – kicking a bag of wind about a large, well-manicured field in fancy strips while tens of thousands of fans pay hundreds of pounds to scream and shout abuse at the opposing team’s players.

The abuse even turned to violence on the streets of Warsaw before the Poland v Russia game. To be fair, there are some underlying political tensions there, but mainly it was just thugs wanting to fight people.

I know this tournament only comes round every four years, but when you’re not a fan it’s totally boring and pointless.

However, pointless I am not, and this was my general view before the first game, Poland v Greece, kicked off last Friday.

You see, I entered a sweep at work where we had to guess the scores of every game in the group stage. It’s a bit of a lottery, but, as I’ve found out, it can be quite exciting.

The guys in the office are taking it very seriously and took days of researching and in-depth discussions before filling in their predictions.

I did a little research to see who the good teams were and took five minutes to fill my predicted scores, which were laughed at by some of my male colleagues, much to my anger.

The attitude seemed to be because I’m a female I know absolutely nothing about football. This is quite true, but it doesn’t mean I can’t do better than men at filling in scores.

And to my surprise and great delight I’ve been proved right.

In the competition you get three points for guessing the correct score and one point for the right result. For example, In the first game I predicted it would be 1-1 between Greece and Poland and got three points.

If one of the teams had won I would have got nothing, but if it was 2-2 or something I would’ve got one point. After the first night I had four points.

One of scores I got that really pleased me was the Denmark v Holland result because the guys in the office laughed their heads off when I put down a 1-0 win for Denmark. Oh the satisfaction I got in the office the next day.

I can also see why football fans are so passionate now though. When I’ve watched a couple of the games I’ve been shouting like mad at the TV as I’ve got a vested interest in the result.

I’ve been screaming for people to miss or score and shouting at the referee to send people off. I’ve been shouting for offside as well and I don’t even know what that is.

Oh, and did I mention that I’m leading the predictions? Sing when you’re winning.