Murray is my man this year

Stuart Barber
Stuart Barber
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I’m happy to go on record right now and say that, in my view, Andy Murray will grab the Wimbledon Men’s Singles title a week on Sunday.

Without wishing to put the hex on our best-ever tennis player, I firmly believe his finest hour is approaching and he will finally achieve his career goal and land the grandest Grand Slam of them all and be King of SW19 in 10 days’ time.

Actually years ago it could have been me. In my teens my hand and eye co-ordination was uncanny. So good it attracted gasps from opponents and passers-by in equal measure. But then town hall budget cuts forced the red blaes courts at Dollar Park to close and my chance to serve and volley my way to riches and fame was cruelly denied.

Never mind though – I’m rooting for Murray to step up and grab greatness never achieved by any tennis player from these parts before.

Ahead of the first ball being hit in anger by reigning champ Roger Federer on Monday many column inches had been dedicated to weighing up Murray’s chances. The conclusion was 2013 will be the year he finally gets his hands on the trophy - despite the fact the seeding system in place at the All England Club puts him in the toughest half of the draw alongside heavyweights like Federer, rated the best grass court player ever, and a young man from Belgium.

The bookmakers are also twitchy, offering odds of just 10-3 the current world number two’s game won’t be good enough to lift the glittering prize, proof positive as if needed that after his Olympic Games success on the Centre Court and his US Open win, Murray just has to be the main man this time round.