Just one more sleep to Italy

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace

I am so excited about heading for Italy I could ... well let’s just say I’m very excited.

Yes I know it’s not some crazy “girls weekend away” to Ibiza, and yes I know that this isn’t the first time I’ve been abroad without my parents or brother (Malta 2012, Athens 2010, both with the gymnastics), but anyone going away to a sunnier place with your best pals, even of it is with the school, is bound to be uber-excited.

The weekend just gone, Mum, Euan and I headed to Livingston to go holiday shopping.

Now, when holiday shopping with Sophs there are a few essential things that must be remembered:

Number one - walking speed must be increased by at least 25 per cent. Slow walkers do my head in.

Number two - there must be a minimum of £50 available for spending. I like lots and lots of clothes.

And, finally, number three – food of some description must be involved. Even if it is just a packet of pretzels and a bottle of Oasis, Sophs gets grumpy when she’s not been fed, and grumpy Sophs = grumpy mum and grumpy mum = no clothes.

This weekend saw the return of Primark to my wardrobe. That shop is an absolute godsend. Now, of course, my wardrobe does not consist solely of Primark items, there’s New Look and Abercrombie and Zara and the odd slogan t-shirt, but it does make up quite a bulk of it.

Eighty quid later (not counting brother dearest’s new clothes), we finally got back home, at a respectable half past two in the afternoon, quite satisfied at our day’s work. The biggest bargain that we managed to pick up was definitely my new maxi dress– a gorgeous halter neck with a floral pattern on it. I am most definitely in love with it, and, coming from me, that’s quite a bold statement.

So, by the time that this is published, it’ll be ONE MORE SLEEP (ahhhhhh!) till I’m jetting off with Hannah, Taylor, Megan, Carys, Claire and Emily to the sunny beaches of Venice for sunbathing, Italian food and, most importantly, a whole load of shopping. I can’t wait!