Is it possible to write a story that’s not covered already?!

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace
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The whole second year of university thing seems to, so far, be going well for me.

Five weeks in, not only do we have ten times more responsibility but, more importantly, we have a lot more creative freedom too.

Ultimately, that’s what drew me in to journalism.

It’s no secret that I’ve always had a passion for writing and, therefore, it would have been unusual for me to go into a profession where I couldn’t exercise this.

For me, one of the most important things about writing is being able to write about whatever you want.

However, after a month on the course, my class has been given assignment which has drained all of our creative juices dry.

The lecturer in one of our seminar groups is looking for us to come up with original, new ideas for different types of media and pitch them to the class.

The problem isn’t pitching, or even coming up with some sort of idea. The problem is finding something original, something new!

Last Thursday we pitched ideas for television and film which was slightly easier – there are, as we found, some things which haven’t been broadcast yet and, probably, for good reason.

However, this week our lecturer wants fresh ideas for print which raises a bit of a most things have already been written about.

That’s the beauty of writing. It gives everyone a platform, whether it be in magazine, newspaper or online, to talk about whatever they want.

It’s the reason why everyone on my course wants to be a journalist – because, at some point in our career, it’ll give us leverage to write about what we want.

But how is it possible to produce a piece of media that hasn’t already been covered? It’s time to discover what I want to write and write freely.