Easy drinking for outdoor eating

Wine - good stuff
Wine - good stuff
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A moveable feast that originated in France, in time the ‘pique-nique’ has translated into a jaunt in the countryside laden with blankets, wicker baskets and a generously sized cooler bag.

Come rain or shine, one of the joys of a picnic is it’s quite adventurous and a great way to relax – once you’ve set up a tempting spread and poured yourself a drink. Ready-to-drink beverages such as Fentimans & Bloom Bloom Gin & Rose Lemonade (£3, www.waitrose.com) look as delightful as they taste and inside the old-fashioned glass bottle is a light style of gin mixed with Fentiman’s rose lemonade. Serve over ice and banish any misconceptions – this floral concoction was awarded a gold medal at the Pre-Mixed Drinks Challenge 2015.

Not as bracingly bitter as some bitter liqueurs, Picon (£19.95, www.thewhiskyexchange.com) is a French orange liqueur that balances bitter with sweet and sour and a moderate measure tastes refreshingly good when it’s served with ice, tonic and a slice of orange. Keep it simple for dining alfresco – it can also be served with beer for some extra tang.