Develop a taste for some organic wines

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With the Soil Association spearheading Organic September, there couldn’t be a better time for eco-conscious wine lovers to support Europe’s biggest celebration of all things organic.

Better for the environment and a natural choice, green farming initiatives are becoming increasingly popular among winemakers and consumers.

​Green party planners can cater to this flourishing wine culture with Sainsbury’s SO Organic range of wines (two whites, two reds). Two easy-drinking Italians - the fresh and fruity Sainsbury’s SO Organic Soave (£4.99, Sainsbury’s), and the tangy and dry Sainsbury’s SO Organic Pinot Grigio (£6.99, Sainsbury’s) - are both great value.

Heading to South America, red wine lovers can quench their thirst for a masculine malbec with The Co-operative Fairtrade Organic Gran Reserva Malbec 2011, Argentina (£7.99, The Co-operative). Rich, potent and full-bodied, it’s brimming with black fruit flavours, a shot of cherry and a smattering of spice and tobacco with firm tannins on the powerful finish.