‘My son thinks Spiderman saved him’ in Slamannan car collision

Adele McDonald surveys her car after her three children had a miracle escape
Adele McDonald surveys her car after her three children had a miracle escape
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A mum could only watch in horror as her car rolled down a hill without a driver – and her three young children trapped inside.

Adele McDonald had just strapped her youngsters, 
including her five-month-old baby, into her Ford Fiesta when it began to move off.

She tried to jump into the driver’s seat but was knocked over and could only watch in horror as the vehicle rolled down a village main street.

But miraculously the car got jammed in-between the wall of Slamannan Primary School and a metal railing.

Adele (29), from Limerigg, said: “I honestly think someone must have been looking over us that day - I can’t believe no one was injured.

“If the car hadn’t got stuck there it would have went right down the hill to the cross and could have smashed into another car or even a house.”

Adele, a carer at Rannoch Lodge Nursing Home in Cumbernauld, had just buckled Slamannan Primary pupil Kayla (7), Gabriel (4) and five-month-old Aurora into their car seats earlier this month when the vehicle started to roll away down Bank Street.

“I tried to jump into the car, but I was hit by the door and knocked over. My eldest daughter, Kayla, took her seat belt off and jumped out as it continued to roll.

“I was terrified, I could just see my car with my youngest children in it rolling away.

“But somehow, the car turned itself 180 degrees and wedged in between the wall and gate.

“The kids were buckled in their car seats and thanks to that, they were both totally fine.

“Kayla has had nightmares about it, but Gabriel thinks Spiderman saved him.”

The vehicle was a write off and the insurers are investigating what happened. Adele added: “I think it was my grandparents who weere our guardian angels looking over us that day and they made the car spin right round and get wedged.

“We were so lucky, I don’t even care about losing the car – it can be replaced but my children can’t.”