No drop in Falkirk cover say cops

Police have assured councillors that a police shake-up won't affect cover

Police have assured councillors that a police shake-up won't affect cover


A senior police officer has assured councillors areas won’t lose out because of a community policing shake-up.

Councillor John McLuckie said that in his area of the Braes designated constables had worked well, allowing local people to get to know who to turn to when a crime was committed and a bobby who knew the village.

Speaking at Falkirk Council scrutiny committee he said: “In Slamannan we liked our community constable and he was good at keeping everyone up to date and dealing with issues. At the last community council meeting, nobody from the police turned up and I’m scared the public will feel disassociated from the police by this move.”

Chief superintendent David Flynn of Forth Valley Division told the meeting the new structure provided more officers on the beat and at more convenient times.

He added: “Each ward has between six and 12 constables, an inspector and a sergeant. Once they have settled in, they will be known in the community and can deal with issues quickly.”

He assured the committee that he would reiterate to all officers the importance of attending community council meetings.

Provost Pat Reid said: “We should give this new system a chance, it could work out better for all concerned.”




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