Jewellery notion turned into a winner for Diana

DIANA Hunter is the area's very own hidden jewellery gem ... and it came about almost by chance!

Diana (44) started making tiaras when her niece was getting married. And things have just grown from there.

She said: "We were going round wedding exhibitions, looking at different tiaras. I had done a floristry course years before and my niece said 'Can't you do something like that?'

"She kept pestering me, so eventually I bought some beads and some wire and had a go.

"I got a really good response from my family and friends, so I made a dozen or so more, and approached the Inchyra about having a stall at its next exhibition."

Since then, dizaTIARAS has gone from strength to strength, and Diana has branched out into a new range of wire-wrapped jewellery. It is an ancient craft which dates back as far as 2000 BC and it is known that Egyptian and Phoenician artists practiced the art over many centuries, with pieces of jewellery found in the pyramids as well as other ancient tombs.

Diana said: "I wanted to try something a bit more adventurous, so this seemed like a natural progression.

"There are very few places in Britain which teach it – I went on two courses to learn the technique from a woman in Nottingham.

"It's very fiddly to twist the wire and get it to hold the stone in place. You have to let the wire bend the way it wants to – which is what makes the designs so distinctive."

Diana has to import most of her materials – including the 9ct gold and Sterling silver wire – from the US because it's difficult to get supplies in this country.

She can also incorporate your own stone into a pendant or bracelet of your choice.

Diana finds her jewellery-making a welcome stress release – especially with three teenagers to look after.

She added: "It's really relaxing – I actually went along to a depression and anxiety support and help group to do a demonstration which they seemed to enjoy because it took their minds off their problems. When I'm making jewellery, I can block out everything and relax – it's very therapeutic."

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