Jack and Sophie are still favourites

Baby Jack has the most popular boy's name for 2013
Baby Jack has the most popular boy's name for 2013
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Little Jack Abercrombie has just celebrated his first Christmas, blissfully unaware of the popularity of his name!

For the sixth year in a row, Jack tops the list of names given to baby boys born in Scotland this year, with Sophie being the number one girls name for the ninth year.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Jack, who lives in Falkirk with mum Jenette and dad Charles, was born on February 2. Jenette (33) said: “Jack was a name we both liked, and one of my best friends is called Jacqueline so it seemed appropriate. He’s a great baby with a great personality.”

Falkirk registrar Elinor Laing said: “Jack and Sophie have been popular for a long time. It does seem that parents in Falkirk stick to traditional names. Sometimes if there is a personality or a TV character and people see them regularly then the name sticks.”

That’s just how the Barrowman family from Stenhousemuir chose a name for their new daughter. Louise and Peter named their July baby Khaleesi after the character in the TV series ‘Game of Thrones’.

Louise said: “My husband really liked the name and I liked that it was unusual and nobody else would have the same name.

“That wasn’t a priority though - our six-year-old daughter is called Angela after Peter’s nana and aunt. Khaleesi means queen, and definitely suits her.”

Meanwhile, mum Laura Sneddon called her new addition J. He was born eight weeks early and will spend his first Christmas in Yorkhill awaiting a heart operation but is doing well.