Stoneywood residents say street has been invaded by rats

Families in Corthie Court, Stoneywood, are unhappy with Link Housing's response to the problem. Picture: Alan Murray
Families in Corthie Court, Stoneywood, are unhappy with Link Housing's response to the problem. Picture: Alan Murray
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Families in a new housing estate claim their lives have been made a misery after rats began invading their homes.

Several households in Corthie Court, Stoneywood, said rodents had been found dead in their attics and could regularly be seen running through their gardens.

The residents believe the rats have been disturbed by continuing building work on the site of the former Carrongrove paper mill, which is being developed for housing.

They have criticised Link Housing Group, which manages the properties, over its handling of the problem.

“They have known about this problem since November but someone only visted for the first time on Monday,” said Janette Malone.

“This is a serious health issue, but we feel we have been continually fobbed off when we have complained.”

Laura Ross, who lives with her husband and two young children, said: “I reported seeing a rat in my back garden and was told I was mistaken.”

Corthie Court was built less than two years ago and is owned by Carrongrove National Housing Trust, a joint venture between Falkirk Council, the Scottish Futures Trust and Mactaggart and Mickel Homes Ltd.

A spokeswoman for Link said: “Despite regular visits to the site it was only last week that the source of the vermin was established and therefore also the best course of action to eradicate it. We have now engaged a contractor to do just that and the situation will be kept under review until we are satisfied that the problem has been resolved.

“We fully understand tenants’ concern about this situation and ensuring it is resolved swiftly is our priority.”

Council the one to call if you experience problems with pests

Falkirk Council offers a range of free pest control services to homes within the Falkirk Council area.

A spokeswoman said it was aware of the issue in Stoneywood. “We have carried out treatments at properties in this area following a number of complaints. We are due to revisit two or three locations this week to assess the situation.”

Council treatments to domestic properties include problems with rats, mice (inside the home), wasps, insects (such as fleas, carpet beetles, bed bugs and cockroaches).

There are some jobs which may be too specialised for officers to deal with and require a private pest control company.