Bonnybridge’s Hunter is half the man he used to be after losing 12 stone in weight

Hunter Rice from Bonnybridge with a pair of his old XXXL trousers. Picture: John Devlin

Hunter Rice from Bonnybridge with a pair of his old XXXL trousers. Picture: John Devlin


If you told Hunter Rice that he’s half the man he used to be, the 21-year-old would most likely thank you for the compliment.

That’s because the NHS clerical worker from Bonnybridge has shed an incredible 12 stone 12lbs in weight.

Hunter decided to drastically alter his lifestyle for the better after being subjected to some cruel taunts from friends and an increasing realisation that his 27 stone frame could lead to problems with his health.

But it was watching his beloved Falkirk FC slip to a dispiriting defeat at Ayr United in March 2012 that finally convinced him that things had to change.

He said: “Not only was I in extremely low spirits as I had just found out I weighed so much, as much if not more than the people who are the subject of documentaries, but it was a typical performance - boring tippy-tappy nonsense which was easily undone by Ayr’s physical presence.

“And it was pouring down. Not a very good day all said and done.”

Hunter admits that his weight steadily increased because, as a teenager, he spent money earned from a part-time job on crisps, chocolate and fizzy drinks.

“My weight was getting me down, but the worse I felt, the more I ate,” he added.

After joining a Scottish Slimmers class, Hunter’s confidence began to grow as his weight loss gathered speed.

“I used to struggle to walk from the bus stop to the front door, but now that there is nearly just half of me, I can often be found on a treadmill,” he joked.

His advice to those looking to emulate his impressive achievement is to be persistent.

“You will have difficult weeks, you will have times when you feel like your weight loss has hit a brick wall and you will feel that you haven’t received the weight loss you deserve,” he said.

“As long as you remain focused and stick at it you will get the weight loss you want.”




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