Greens want to nationalise Grangemouth

The Scottish Green Party say there is no need for fracking
The Scottish Green Party say there is no need for fracking
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The Scottish Green Party has called for Grangemouth’s petrochemical industry to be taken into public ownership.

Kirsten Robb, the Green’s candidate for Central Scotland, claimed new research commissioned by the Greens shows how a planned transition from fossil fuels to green energy could create 200,000 jobs across Scotland and how the nationalisation of Grangemouth would guarantee security for the jobs of workers currently employed at privately owned site.

She believes Grangemouth would then become a centre for sustainable biofuels and plastics manufacturing – removing any need for fracking.

Ms Robb said: “Everyone knows oil won’t last for ever and petrochemical workers deserve a plan for what comes next. Retooling Grangemouth to manufacture the fuels and plastics of the future will put Central Scotland at the cutting edge of the new materials industry.

“We should not tolerate livelihoods being held to ransom, especially when that workforce has the skills not just to survive without corporate firms’ generosity, but to carve out a position as world leaders in their field.”