Grangemouth roundabout route is taxing drivers

Road markings at Earl's Gate Roundabout are causing confusion for some motorists
Road markings at Earl's Gate Roundabout are causing confusion for some motorists

Road markings surrounding a recently revamped round-about have got more than a few drivers’ heads in a spin.

Thanks to Falkirk Council securing TIF (Tax Incremental Funding) cash, Grangemouth’s Earl’s Gate roundabout now boasts sets of traffic lights and a lot of white paint on the approach roads ...

And some motorists are still getting used to it.

Traffic increased last month when the section of Beancross Road closed to allow rail bridge improvements re-opened and, while no major accidents have occurred, there have been reports a number of driver have experienced problems getting into the correct lanes.

The Falkirk Herald enlisted the help of Angus McIver, vice-president of Forth Valley Institute of Advanced Motorists, to cast his professional eye over the traffic layout.

He said: “I can understand the confusion it causes. There was very little paint on the road before and now you have so many lanes and road numbers on the roads – it’s a lot of information for a motorist to process in a short time.

“While there are no place names on the actual roads, there are direction signs in advance of the roundabout which give destination names and the correct lane to follow. Most accidents on our roads occur due to driver error at roundabouts and junctions.

“We need to make allowances for people who may be in the wrong lane and not go into road rage mode, especially in the early days of a new traffic set up like this – give people space.”

Angus said drivers who are unsure of themselves when it comes to merging and other manoeuvres can take advantage of the Institute of Advanced Motorists free skills for life initiative.

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