Falkirk mum faces up to special talent

Moira Jones is a super recogniser meaning she can instantly place faces, even from brief encounters years ago

Moira Jones is a super recogniser meaning she can instantly place faces, even from brief encounters years ago


We have all experienced that embarrassing feeling of bumping into someone and not having a clue how we know them.

But not Moira Jones.

The relationship counsellor from Falkirk is a super recogniser, meaning she never forgets a face.

Moira can remember people she served in a shop once a decade ago, or a classmate from school.

She is the subject of a Dutch psychology magazine article to be published next month. But until recently she had no idea she had any super powers.

Moira (45), mum to Rudi (3), said: “I was watching a programme about hidden talents on TV and one of the people was skilled in recognising faces.

“I realised I had the same thing as I find it nearly impossible to forget a face. I constantly see people I met briefly in the past and always remember who they are, how I know them and when we met.”

Moira took part in an online test on the back of the programme and scoring highly was put in touch with the professor researching super recognition.

Dr Ashok Jansari from the University of East London flew his team to Edinburgh to test Moira and was amazed to discover she had the highest results ever-recorded.

Dr Jansari said: “Moira has an incredible talent, we’ve never seen someone so competent at recognition.

“Research is in its infancy but it is exciting to think how this talent might be utilised at some stage.”

Moira’s skills came in handy several years ago when a shop she worked in was robbed. Out of 200 possible suspects, she was able to point the thieves out instantly, despite only seeing their faces for seconds.

Moira said: “I can come across as weird as I remember incidents and people long after they have forgotten me, but I’ve learned to keep things to myself.

“I love working as a relationship counsellor but I would like to utilise my skills. It was handy when I worked in retail, as I remembered customers and what they bought, but I would love to help the police or UK border control and really put my skills to test.”




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