Crowning is a story 50 years in the making

Wilma Walker was queen at the 1964 Grangemouth Children's Day

Wilma Walker was queen at the 1964 Grangemouth Children's Day


The woman who will crown this year’s Grangemouth Children’s Day queen enjoyed her own royal moment in the sun 50 years ago.

Wilma Walker (61), now head teacher at Kintore Primary School in Aberdeenshire, was the queen for the brand new Sacred Heart Primary School back in 1964. Eleven-year-old Wilma Mulholland, as she was then, was lucky enough to have a bright, sunny and, above all, dry day to remember and she hopes Nicole Loney, another Sacred Heart pupil, will have it as good next Saturday in Zetland Park.

“I was the first queen from the new Sacred Heart school crowned,” said Wilma. “Someone must have noticed it had been 50 years because I got a phone call asking if I wanted to crown this year’s queen.

“It was a big day back then and is still a big day now. I can remember bits and pieces about that day - getting our dinner at the Leapark and getting a bag from Galloways with sixpence in it for the shows.”

Now living in Aberdeenshire, Wilma is excited about her return to her home town.

“I was a bit nervous back in 1964 about making my speech, but you just get on with things when you’re young. I’m probably more nervous about next week.”




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