Grangemouth’s Ineos needs fracking, say bosses

Ineos chiefs say the site needs fracking
Ineos chiefs say the site needs fracking
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Owners of Grangemouth’s enormous petrochemical plant say its long-term future is “unlikely” without fracking.

Ineos announced yesterday that the long-term future of the site could be in doubt if Scotland rejected controversial gas extraction.

The statement comes after the Scottish Government announced a moratorium on onshore fracking for shale gas, calling for a public consultation and public health assessment.

Gary Haywood, chief executive of Ineos Upstream, warned that Scotland’s biggest industrial site will need a UK shale revolution to survive.

He also hit out at the “scaremongering” he said surrounded the debate on the subject, when he addressed a conference in Edinburgh yesterday.

Today, Friends of the Earth Scotland accused Ineos of trying to hold the Scottish Government “over a barrel” in an attempt to get their way.

Dr Richard Dixon of Friends of the Earth Scotland said: “Ineos are once again trying to hold the Scottish Government over a barrel to try and get their way.

“They welcomed the moratorium as an opportunity to debate the issues around fracking but now they are forecasting doom and gloom – they need to get their story straight.

“Ineos has a 15-year contract with the US for shale gas so there is little doubt over the future of the plant for this period.

“We already know there isn’t very much shale gas to be had in Scotland and it’s not going to be cheap.”