Trials and tribulations of a tablet tycoon ...

Ken and Kim MacDonald want to grow their tablet business

Ken and Kim MacDonald want to grow their tablet business

A woman has one sticky financial problem to get over before her confectionary business can enjoy the sweet taste of success.

When Kim MacDonald started The Tablet Company in Jackson Avenue, Grangemouth, 18 months ago she originally wanted to create sustainable employment for herself.

She said: “I worked in sales and sales management - then overnight I had to become a carer at home. That’s when I started making tablet, as a way of contributing to the household.

“I then started making tablet in lots of different flavours.”

Favourite flavours include vanilla, caramel, chocolate and ginger, coffee and walnut, white chocolate and cranberry, chocolate orange, creamy strawberry and chocolate marble - which features a mix of white, dark and milk chocolate.

Kim enlisted the help of Fiona Garry at Tartan Inc to help her come up with The Tablet Company’s branding and things began to take off.

“It’s been a long journey,” said Kim. “George and Jean Wilson at the newsagents in Linlithgow were the first people to sell my tablet. Now Falkirk’s Orchard Hotel serves it with their coffee and Strathcarron Hospice sell it in their shops.

“It proves it can be done if you put your mind to it.”

She is now looking to move to a larger premises – something which requires a major investment of £75,000.

“I initially wanted to expand next door, but then had to look for premises further away. We found the perfect place in Tamfourhill which was big enough for cooking the product and also for packing and distribution.

“I’ve had to finance this all by myself and went down a lot of different roads in order to raise the money to get this far. At the very last gasp some of the funding fell through.

“I’ve been to a lot of people to try and get the funding but they say in this current financial climate it is a risk.”

One idea she had was to try and get 5000 people to each contribute £15 to the business in order to raise the cash required – sending out gift bags of her amazing product to contributors as a thank you.

“The biggest risk involved in this case is some people may not like the flavours,” said Kim.

Call Kim on (01324) 484577 or e-mail info@thetabletcompany.co.uk if you are interested in getting involved.




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