New Falkirk base is proving a recipe for success

Oliphant's staff in their new premises at Bankside Industrial Estate
Picture: Michael Gillen

Oliphant's staff in their new premises at Bankside Industrial Estate Picture: Michael Gillen

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Moving may have seemed like a piece of cake for the staff of Oliphant’s Bakery. But behind the scenes it was planned with military precision.

The long-established firm had to quit its Whitecross base to make way for a planned housing and business development.

Although its roots are in Linlithgow, where there are two shops, owner Alice Gibson decided the opportunity offered by new premsises at Bankside Industrial Estate was perfect.

Alice said; “It’s been a great move for us. All our staff have come with us and, although it was a lot of work, we’re glad to have made the move.

“All the businesses round about us have been very friendly and there is a real community atmosphere.”

She praised David Ogg of Bo’ness Forth Builders for helping with the set-up operation. However, the opening was almost delayed by red tape but, thankfully, they managed to finish in Whitecross on the Saturday and start up the ovens in the Abbots Road premises on the Sunday evening.

The move has provided an opportunity to expand and, along with the two shops in Linlithgow and one in Bo’ness, Oliphant’s now has a small retail shop next to its bakery.

Alice added: “We are a traditional bakers, it’s like something you would make in your own kitchen. Thousands of baps are made every day and they are all pinned out by hand, while cakes are hand decorated.”

The firm was launched in 1856 and when David Oliphant was retiring over a decade ago, several employees got together to take it over. However, it still retains the family touch with Alice being joined by her son David Gibson and daughter Jacqui Wilson, along with business partners Andrew McAdam and his son Lee and Raymond Plumb.

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