WOW247: A beginner’s guide

WOW247 - your local entertainments guide
WOW247 - your local entertainments guide
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Welcome to WOW247, your essential guide to what’s happening, near you.

WOW stands for What’s On Where, and we’ll aim to keep you bang up to date with everything where you are, and across the UK, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. is all you need to plan your social life, and more. We have created a whole site to host more than 500,000 unique events across a range of areas including film, music theatre, food and drink and days out.

So why do I need WOW247?

Have you ever missed a show by your favourite band, a special fashion event or a one-off screening of a film you were dying to see on the big screen? Have you found yourself sitting in a bland café when you were searching for something a bit special? Stick with us and you’ll spend less time regretting what you missed and more time enjoying what you didn’t.

Whether you’re looking for fun days out with the family, the hippest new bar or ideas for a weekend getaway, we’ll arm you with the knowledge to make the best choice, suited to your tastes. We hunt down the cutting edge culture you might have missed and give you the lowdown on the big international artists and shows coming to the UK.

Getting started…

To get the most out of, set your location. This will automatically filter the events and articles for where you live.

Next, register with WOW247. Doing so will allow you to comment on all pages, book tickets, enjoy special offers and add your own events to our directory.

Have your say…

Above all, WOW247 is a community. We want to hear from you (yes, you). Share your experience and knowledge in the comments section, post your own reviews and pick up tips from other WOW247 readers, as well as our trusted commentators. We want to start a conversation and spark some lively discussion, so don’t be shy.

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Now what?

Have a look around, post your ratings, reviews and comments, and tell your friends.

Want to tell us about something we’ve missed or could be doing better? Get in touch.

WOW247 is also mobile, so you can check what’s on whether you’re on your phone, tablet or laptop.

We are about to change your social life forever. Let your journey begin with WOW247.