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Hudson Philip Smith
Hudson Philip Smith
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The birth of Hudson Philip Smith

THE PARENTS: Mum Alison (35) is a management accountant based in Edinburgh and dad Kevin (34) is a process operator with Ineos. Hudson is the couple’s second child and the family live in Stenhousemuir.

THE PREGNANCY: Alison’s pregnancy was fine. It all went smoothly and flew by for Alison who was busy with two-and-a-half year old son Calvin.

THE BIRTH: Baby Smith was four weeks early. Alison went into labour naturally and was glad that the maternity hospital was in Larbert rather than Stirling as the birth was very quick. Little Hudson was kept in hospital for a few days because of jaundice.

THE BABY: Hudson is a very content little baby. He smiles and talks away and loves watching Match of the Day with his daddy. Calvin is also delighted with his new wee brother.

THE NAME: Alison said that the 
couple really wanted to have a name that ended in ‘n’ as all the other names in the family do. They liked the name ‘Hudson’ and ‘Philip’ is after Kevin’s grandpa.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Little Hudson is a fourth grandson for Russell and Elspeth MacGillivrey of Stenhousemuir and a third grandchild for Henry and Jean Smith, also of Stenhousemuir.

THANKS: Special thanks go to all maternity staff at the hospital, and to all family and friends for all their good wishes and support.